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Top Favorite Books of 2018

Top Favorite Books of 2018

I read a lot in 2018. Some life-changing memoirs, sob-inducing novels, and some adventure stories featuring badass ladies. I also read some not-so-great books, those of which I won’t mention here.

I spent some time digging through all of the books (72 in total) I read in 2018 to give you a short-ish list of my top favorites. These books are ones that you need to go out and purchase (or rent from the library, do people still do that?) right now.

My Absolute Top Favorite Book of 2018:

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

No book I read in 2018 even came close to this one. A beautifully heart-wrenching story of four unusual friends—this book broke my heart, made me laugh, and had me thinking about the meaning of life—all at the same time.

Second favorite book of 2018:

Becoming by Michelle Obama

This book just did it for me. Michelle inspires with her frankness, her openness, and provides us with a different perspective on the events of the last 10 years. I listened to the audio version of this book but after listening, I went out an bought a copy to add to my home library, it’s just that good.

Third favorite book of 2018:

The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

I read this book in February, so at the beginning of my 2018 reading year but it still comes in third. Another heart-wrenching must read.

fourth Favorite Book of 2018:

This Is How it Always Is by Laurie Frankel

A stunning depiction of your average American family, raising five boys, one of which believes he is really a girl. Frankel does a spectacular job portraying the family’s decisions on how to raise their children in this novel.

Fifth favorite book of 2018:

100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The magical realism of Garcia Marquez will always draw me in. How he spends so much time and effort describing even the most mundane of things will always fascinate me. His words take ordinary things and make them extraordinary.

sixth favorite book of 2018:

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

My first really dark fantasy, this book is not one I would normally pick up but I’m so glad I did. If you like dark, twisted, and fantastical worlds, this book is for you.

Seventh favorite book of 2018:

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

This book rocked my world and really made me analyze my nightly routine and my sleep patterns. I’ve used this book and his recommendations and helped created better sleep habits for myself.

Honorable Mentions (More books I really liked):

11/22/63 by Stephen King

This was my first King novel (I know, I know) but it was amazing. I’m not a sci-fi reader usually but my avid reader husband recommended it and I thought I’d give it a try. While it took some time to get through, it was intriguing and kept me guessing! I’d highly recommend if you’re in the mood for a long book!

The Power by Naomi Alderman

A beautifully written alternate reality/dystopian novel where the power of the universe is in the hands of girls, literally. The girls now have electric force running through their bodies and the men of the world are not happy.

If you love a great “GO AHEAD, GIRL” story, this is for you.

Sing unburied sing by Jesmyn Ward

A hauntingly beautiful story of deep familial connection. This book gave me all the feels as a family in Mississippi attempts to function, despite the drama and heartache of their every day choices.

I could most definitely keep listing more books that I really enjoyed from 2018, but I’m going to stop here! I hope you’ve found something you want to read this year from this list.

Books are one of my favorite things. Picking up a book is a quick way to step into a new world or take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Reading is power and the feeling I get after reading a book like the ones mentioned on this list is something that is unmatched.

Happy reading,


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