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Four Things I'm Digging in the New Year

Four Things I'm Digging in the New Year

It's a new year and I wanted to share with you four things that I'm really digging right now! These things range from meat to skin care to yoga!

Carly Jean Los Angeles

Okay, so maybe I've been digging Carly Jean for awhile now but I wanted to share this with you anyways! Carly Jean is a online boutique clothing shop in Los Angeles specializing in "capsule clothing." Carly Jean only stocks her shop with clothing that mixes and matches and can be layered. They are always bringing in new pieces and are always running sales! I have so many pieces from the different collections! A lot of the pieces are made right in LA! They are a maternity friendly brand as well. I would highly recommend checking out this online boutique!


I've been using Moinkbox recently for my meat and I love it! It's a subscription service and it's delivered right to your door every 4, 6, or 8 weeks. You can choose the type of box you'd like and the cuts you'd like in your box. I usually opt for a beef, pork, and chicken box delivered every 4 weeks. All of their meat is ethically raised and treated, grass-fed, and antibiotic and hormone free! 

Yoga with Adriene

I've written about Yoga with Adriene before. I've been doing yoga with her for a couple of years now and I highly recommend checking her out if you're looking for a great at-home yoga practice. She's sweet and funky and puts out high quality videos for all different types of things (cramps and PMS, digestion, airplane yoga, etc.) I'm currently working through her TRUE - A 30 Day Yoga Practice and I'm really loving it!

Cocokind Skin Care

My skin gets ridiculously dry in the winter and thankfully Cocokind has really been helping. The products created at Cocokind are made from all natural, chemical free, organic materials, making them great for skin! You can read more about the products I use here. I love how these products make my skin feel and I love knowing that I'm only use high quality natural products! 

These are just a few things I'm digging right now! Notice: all of these companies are run by amazing Boss Ladies, so if you're wanting to support women in business, here you go!

What are you loving? Leave a comment below!

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