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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my words. I hope you find something enjoyable here. 

Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions

Welcome to blog post #1 and thank you for reading! I hope you make it to the end of this post. 

When starting this blog, naturally my first question (aside from name, layout, template, etc.) was "what should my first post be?" I thought maybe I would give you a before/after weight loss comparison and what my weight loss journey looks like. However, after talking with my pretty great husband, he suggested my first post be about my intentions. Where do I want this blog to take me? What do I want from this blog? What do I want to glean from this new experience? So that, my friends, is where I'm starting. 

Caution: I'm wordy, I'm thoughtful, I'm sarcastic, I curse, I tell it like it is, I'm super opinionated, and I can get a bit deep. Just letting you know in advance in case you want to back out now. Also, this is my first post so please cut me some slack. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this website.

My intentions for this blog are:

  1. To share my story of total wellness (physical, mental, emotional, social) with others who are on their personal quests for wellness. 
  2. To connect with and build community with like-minded individuals, brands, companies who promote wellness.
  3. To be real, honest, and to write from the heart.
  4. To allow myself a release through writing.
  5. To create a space where I can be unapologetically me. 
  6. To cultivate a love for writing.

Things you will find on this blog:

  1. My personal opinions and advice about health, health trends, fitness, food, etc.
  2. My personal weight loss journey.
  3. Some recipes and maybe some food pictures.
  4. My travel diary.
  5. Real talk.
  6. Deep thoughts.

So here it is. My life and my search for total wellness, written out for you to analyze, criticize, scoff at, ignore, laugh along with, enjoy, learn from. Here are my struggles and victories with food, health, and wellness. Here is my story. Hopefully you can relate. 

With love,


My Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 100 Pounds

My Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 100 Pounds